Every morning I wake up feeling so grateful for the work  do and the life I am able to live, I feel so fortunate to be as free as I am to spend my time however I choose to, indulging in the activities that make me happiest. What better day than Thanksgiving to take a break from a very busy creative period to pause and give thanks to those that have inspired me and helped me to change careers, turn my every day existence on its head and live a life that is full of travel, creativity and love.

Several years ago, in my old life as an office commuter, I made a beautiful friend named Francesca whose need for unique invitations for her forthcoming wedding was the catalyst for me to start my own range of illustrated wedding stationery and supplementary paper goods. Had it not been for her, and her vision of having stationery that had her stunning wedding location at its heart, I might never have started creating illustrations and products in the unique way that I do. Francesca encouraged me to experiment with paper collage and, at a time in my life when I wasn’t very confident, always maintained her belief that I would create something sensational for her special day. I’m so grateful to her for her belief in me and the support she has given me since the very start of my entrepreneurial adventure! Cheska has now started her own online business and runs a gorgeous online store selling stylish men’s gifts. With Christmas just around the corner I’d recommend checking it out at

Once I had decided to change career and begin a new life as a nomad wedding stationer I needed two things; inspiration and a plan of action. The first of those two needs was met as soon as I discovered Started by husband and wife team Anna and Nathan Bond, this stationery and lifestyle brand has grown from a tiny business run from the couple’s garage, into an international and instantly recognisable brand. I’m so grateful that they followed their own dreams to create a business and brand that is so inspirational to me. When I look at their website and browse their products I’m reminded to stay true to my own unique illustrative style and to never stop dreaming big!

My second need, to create a plan of action, was helped massively by the discovery of Marianne Cantwell and her website, online courses and book. From Marianne I learnt that I could create the exact life that I wanted – one that I could love every day – and her book helped me to work out not only what my ideal life would look like, but also how to start living it! Just a few days ago I found the notes I’d made after doing an exercise in Marianne’s book and I almost started to cry when I read through it and realised that it described almost perfectly the lovely life of travel and creativity that I am privileged to enjoy now. Thank you Marianne for helping me to become a Free Range Human.

So thank you, to all those I’ve mentioned above, to all the customers I’ve had so far and to all the friends and family that are always so supportive of me and such a positive influence in my life. I am grateful to you all every day but it seemed pertinent today, on this day of thanksgiving, to say it properly.



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