Birthday mandalas

birthday mandalas

It’s my birthday today so I decided to make some birthday mandalas to mark turning 31. Yesterday I had a think about all of the the things I’ve experienced and achieved since turning 30; I built a house in Peru, went travelling in South East Asia and lived in Bali for a few months, saw two of my most favourite musicians perform live (Kate Bush and Devendra Banhart) and I fell in love with my life again after several years not really spent following my heart. Pretty good! Five words came to mind when I thought about the year that’s just gone; perseverance, friendship, love, adventure and strength. Using those words as inspiration I made some marks and patterns that I could use to create my ’30’ mandala. I woke up this morning with five new words that I want more of in the year ahead. This will be a year of realising my dreams properly having spent the last two years reconnecting with what those dreams might be. In the year ahead I hope for continued growth and self-belief, abundance and harmony. So here is my ’31’ birthday mandala for what I hope will be another very exciting year. I’m feeling very fortunate, now I think it’s time for some cake!

birthday mandala



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