Mandala meanings

Mandala meaning

I’ve been learning lots about mandala meanings over the last few months and, as I’ve grown to love mandalas so much, I’ve also been running workshops showing you how to create your own mandala and find out what it says about you too. Today I thought I’d share an example of a mandala and what it’s possible to learn about the mandala meaning from the colours, shapes and numbers held within…..

Red is the primary colour in this mandala and it exists in two separate crosses which indicates that it’s meaning is twofold. Red is the colour of love, it is associated with the amorous and erotic and represents a powerful and passionate love. The lavender that surrounds and engulfs the red suggests that this love has an intensity all of it’s own and has a sacred, special quality which softens it somewhat and prevents it from burning itself out. The appearance of this colour in a mandala is often suggestive of something special and unique appearing in your life. The red in the second cross is suggestive of energy, courage and a pioneering spirit. You’re passionate about the projects that you undertake but this passion is not unbridled; the short, deliberate red marks suggest a preference for considered, powerful action which, when taken in short bursts will move you closer to achieving your goal whilst ensuring that you do not stray from your chosen path of action. Red wishes you good luck in all of your endeavours. The cross itself represents a need for connection; this is a good time to reach out to others in all areas of your life and share your positivity and creativity in a way that is beneficial to everyone. Orange appears in this mandala connected to the number 8 which representative of rebirth after a period of suffering. In this area of resurrection and rebirth you are beginning to feel whole again and have a strong sense of identity as well as the ability to assert yourself in an extremely positive way. The diamond shape appears repeatedly throughout the mandala and this is suggestive of a personal journey towards a higher understanding of the self – as you work on each facet of your personality you shine brighter just like a diamond!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Intuitive Mandala workshops and readings you can find more information on facebook or in this previous post about my recent mandala workshop in Bali.


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