AbundanceOver the last few years I’ve chosen a word each January that I hope to cultivate more of in that year; in 2013 it was Courage, in 2014 it was Freedom, and now, for the year ahead, I’ve chosen Abundance. Given that I’m currently obsessed by mandalas I thought it might be nice to create one that I feel represents my word for 2015. After a few minutes of deep breathing and concentration on what that word means to me I started making the mandala you can see in the picture. It’s the first of 16 mandalas that I plan to create over the next month, collaging one per day four times each week. The idea behind creating them so regularly is to disconnect the making process from the ego and instead to let something unconscious be the driving force behind the creation of each mandala. It’s a tough thing to do because I always want to make something that looks pretty, but I hope that by practicing this daily I can tap into the spiritual power of the mandala and create work that is an aid to mediation and mindfulness.



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