Falling In Love with Mandalas

Falling in love with mandalas

Mandalas created by the first participants of an Intuitive Mandalas workshop

I seem to be doing lots of falling in love at the moment and one thing I’ve fallen for in a big way is the mandala. I can’t help myself, I’m head over heels. For about a year I’ve been feeling their presence in my life increase; I’ve been seeking out their soothing forms and, more recently, experimenting with creating my own mandalas. With new year approaching I decided it was a great time to spread the mandala love and thus the first Intuitive Mandala workshop came to pass!

Mandala is a sanskrit word and it can be roughly translated to mean ‘circle’ or ‘essence container’. With that in mind, and taking inspiration from the founder of analytical psycotherapy Carl Jung (who created mandalas everyday believing them to be a template of the mind) I created a workshop that enabled the participants to create a mandala for the year ahead, filled with the essence of what a beautiful 2015 would look like to them.

Everyone that came created something captivating and unique. For the first 30 minutes we did some mixed media mark making that conveyed certain feelings and states that each person wished cultivate more of in 2015. Then, we used our creations to collage a section of the mandala, doing so with as little thought as possible for the finished result and instead letting our creativity flow from the subconscious. Once the mandala sections were finished I took them away and digitally created the complete mandala which I sent to each person along with a description of what the colours and symbolism in their mandala signified.

It was really enjoyable and calm way to spend an afternoon amongst friends and, thanks to the success of this first workshop, I am now planning more throughout 2015. If you’d like to take part then please ‘like’ my Intuitive Mandala facebook page where details of future workshops will be posted. If you’re interested in a one-to-one Intuitive Mandala session or you would like to arrange a workshop in your local area then please get in touch with me via the contact page or the Intuitive Mandala facebook page.



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