Exploring the Cambodian Countryside

Cambodian countryside homes

At the moment I’m lucky enough to be travelling in Cambodia and today I spent a beautiful morning driving through the countryside surrounding the temples at Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat itself has been completely awe inspiring but, although architecturally less magnificent, it’s been the mismatched homes on stilts that surround the temple complex that I have found completely beautiful and full of character.

I don’t normally share the sort of sketchy jottings that I’m posting today – the perfectionist in me hates to reveal something that’s far from a finished product and these drawings really are just memory joggers for me so that I can capture little elements to use in future paper pictures. I never really feel like they’re much to look at – I’m not a big fan of using a pencil – and for that reason I’ve been reluctant to show anything of the process that I go through before I make a ‘proper’ illustration. However, today is Halloween, or Scary Day as it’s been renamed in the Free Range Humans online networking group that I’m a part of. Scary Day is a day to challenge yourself to do something that’s either out of your comfort zone or something you’ve been putting off and posting my preliminary sketches feels like it satisfies both of those criteria. So, here they are, some quick sketches from my day exploring the Cambodian countryside.


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