Wise words from Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Emma Watson’s United Nations speech on feminism has featured heavily in the press this week and received a well deserved standing ovation from those in the audience. For anyone that has a even a passing interest in gender equality (hint: that should be absolutely everybody) and hasn’t seen her speech I’d definitely recommend giving it 15 minutes of your time and also checking out the HeForShe campaign. However, since there’s already a multitude of opinions about Emma, the speech and the campaign doing the rounds online I just want to pick out two little sentences from her speech which particularly struck a chord with me.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

As a person slap bang in the middle of a career change I often feel unworthy of the happiness and pleasure that will result from changing careers. Whenever I make progress or feel a sense of joy from pursuing what I’m really passionate about a little voice pipes up and says ‘you don’t deserve success doing something you love’, ‘who are you to live such a pleasurable life?’ Pretty negative and completely unhelpful! So, I am going to appropriate those few little words from Emma Watson’s speech and tell them to myself instead of the negative self-talk. Our own individual contribution and having the courage to act in the here and now are vital, not just in the fight for gender equality, but also in the fight we face individually when we set out to achieve our dreams.

Do you have any motivational quotes that inspire you to keep moving forward? I’d love to hear what they are in the comments section…..thanks!


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