Quentin Blake exhibition

Quentin Blake illustration

Just a quick post today to recommend a visit to the newly opened House of Illustration in King’s Cross, London to see the Quentin Blake exhibition before it closes on November 2nd. Anyone that’s ever read the stories of Roald Dahl will likely be familiar with the scratchy and characterful illustrations of Sir Quentin Blake. This exhibition is a great opportunity not only to see up close some of those familiar images from classics such as The Twits and Danny, the Champion of the World (as well as many of his preliminary sketches and notes), but also to see some of the less well known of Blake’s work. From the beautiful, delicately coloured Illustrations for Voltaire’s Candide to the sorrowful and emotionally charged images created for Michael Rosen’s Sad Book (which tells the story of Rosen’s grief at the loss of his 18 year old son), this exhibition showcases some of the very best of Quentin Blake’s work. It’s a fantastic insight into a man who is one of Britain’s most celebrated illustrators, and for me, someone who rarely works with narrative or the painterly materials preferred by Blake, a great opportunity to learn more about the process of creating work so different to my own. Don’t miss it!


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