Ganesh Remover of Obstacles

Ganesh remover of obstacles


It’s been a while since I last blogged and that is simply because life has become super busy and and there seems to be a constant stream of obstacles that impact on my daily blogging ability. How delighted I was then to discover that Ganesh, the Hindu deity whose image I’ve been making for some brand new bespoke Indian wedding invitations, is revered as the Remover of Obstacles. What perfect content to share after a few weeks’ absence, and what a great reminder that an obstacle is simply a temporary hindrance (that with dedication can be overcome) rather than a permanent barrier between you and your goals. After a bit more research I discovered that Ganesh is also the patron of arts, God of beginnings and is also associated with letters and learning – each of which is an integral theme in my blog. So, this post is really just a massive BIG UP to Ganesh, Remover of Obstacles, and a thank you to him for helping get me back on track.


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