Tracks the movie

Tracks the movieWow. Last night I went to see the most inspiring film, Tracks, about a girl that crosses the Australian outback with only four camels and her dog. The film itself is beautifully shot and the story is wonderful, full of bravery, grit and adventure. Robyn Davidson, who’s true story this film tells, has one awesome sense of self having followed a path that to others seemed crazy but to her seemed like the only option, the thing she was meant to do.

I just wanted to share this line from the film because when I heard it made me realise that though I continually refer to myself as a beginner when it comes to pursuing a career in illustration and living freely, I am not. As Robyn’s character says “the decision to act was in itself the beginning of the journey.” All of us that have started to take action towards living a more authentic life are slap bang in the middle of the adventure, just that one decision to act has propelled us far enough forward that there isn’t really any going back so it’s definitely time to dispel the idea that it won’t work regardless of what anyone else thinks or says to us. The only path available is one that moves us forward and the journey itself will be one massive adventure!


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