Learning How to Dream Big

HOW TO DREAM BIGOver the last few days I’ve had a realisation that, despite having been brave enough to take a step out of my old life and work towards something new, I don’t really know how to dream big. Regular readers (hello!) may have noticed that I’ve had a few days off writing this week. The sad reason for the break from blogging was due to the passing of a family member and, having spent the last few days reflecting on his life and the impermanent nature of life itself, I have been thinking a lot about what it means to live to your full potential. How to can you ensure that the life you live is the fullest, most authentic expression of you and your uniqueness? How can you live in such a way that at the end of your life you are satisfied by the choices you’ve made and the path you’ve taken?

For me, I’ve realised, the answer lies in learning how to dream big. This is something I have not been doing anywhere near enough of since childhood, when my dreams of becoming a famous dancer/actress/artist, marrying Kevin Costner (I watched Robin Hood Prince of Thieves A LOT) or living in an underground house with a glass bubble for a roof, seemed perfectly attainable and acceptable to me. As an adult my dreams have become muddied by ‘shoulds’, where you let your dreams become influenced by what others deem normal and acceptable, or limited by ‘cannots’ and telling yourself that your dreams must fit within certain parameters based on things like age, location, marital status, finances etc. It has suddenly dawned on me just how ridiculous this is – they are not called dreams for nothing! So, it’s time to fling off those ‘shoulds’ and ‘cannots’ and start nurturing your innermost fantasies – there is nothing to lose by attempting to turn the wildest figments of your imagination into something real. Next time you’re dreaming about your future make sure you’re doing yourself justice and supersize your dreams – if you aim for the stars you might just get there.




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