Bespoke Decorations and Stationery for an Autumn Wedding

When we were much younger and only a few years into the fantastic friendship which we are fortunate enough to share, my best friend and I, like most teenage girls, used to talk about our future weddings and what they might be like. Allie always said that she would want me to create bespoke decorations and stationery for her wedding even though at that time I hadn’t really had any thoughts at all about getting into this type of work. So, when the exciting time came for her to tie the knot, we were both so happy that we could make this teenage dream a reality. Her and Duncan’s autumn wedding at Gaynes Park was filled with papery goodness which was captured on camera by the lovely Nina at Matches and Hatches Photography. From origami cranes to the groom’s paper buttonhole (complete with his favourite dinosaur), everything was handmade from paper. You can see more of my bespoke decorations and stationery on pinterest and, if you fancy making some paper roses like the ones in the picture, then I recommend this tutorial from jjshowers on YouTube:




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